Simplify your workflow
Online Photo Proofing
Security and Control

Grow your business

AlphaPIX manages your entire business within a single platform. Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, AlphaPIX makes sure your business running smoothly to save you time and assist you to grow your photography business.


Always keep track of your customer’s status in your workflow. Your weekly, monthly and yearly metrics allow tracking your growth.


Manage and review the tasks and performance of all your internal and freelancer team easily. Allow personalized view for every team member.


Create and share a customized quotation with your customers based on the services you provide through direct email notification.

Event & Notifications

Maintain all important details of event and shoot, manage candid and traditional pictures separately, send automatic email notifications during picture selection and submission.


Easily create Questionnaires within the application and get all the information you need from your customer on the right time.


Keep track of all your account payables and receivables; also maintain overall payment history and all transactions made.

Let the automation help you stay on track

AlphaPIX automates the entire process from CRM to payments that allow you to reduce time on your overall effort and eventually speed up your business to the next level.

Photo Selection

Allow customer to select the pictures you share just by marking the picture as favorite.

Album Proofing

Share and get picture-wise comments for every picture you share on the album for proofing.

Secured Delivery

Share low-resolution pictures with the customer for picture selection/proofing. You’re in control of how many pictures the customer can select share with you using secured unique-code.


Add your brand logo on every picture you upload for customer selection or album proofing.

Digital Agreement

Collect digital signatures from a customer on customizable agreements. You can customize your document.


Using a data-driven approach you can make sure to do deep analysis on each and every data that are available through reports.

How it works

We know that creating and managing a successful photography business requires a stable platform, hence, we provide the solution you look for and to take your customer interactions and picture selection to the next level also making it easier for them to view and select. We value your image and opportunities to build your brand.

1 Lead and Deal

Lead and Deal

Create and maintain leads and track their status.

2 Quotation

Share Quotation

Share your quotation based on the service you provide.

3 payment


Manage all payment transactions between you and the customer.

4 Event

Book Event

Create an event for the customer and track the event status throughout the workflow.

5 PhotoShoot

Photo Shoot

Get picture during the event and share them securely.

6 Upload Photos

Upload Photos

Upload the picture for customer selection easily and securely.

7 Selection

Select Photos

Allow customer to select their favorite picture by just clicking on the favicon.

8 Download Photos

Download Photos

Download the selected pictures directly to your system directly and easily.

9 Album

Album Proofing

Allow customer to proof the edited picture for album printing.

10 Questionnaire

Customer Feedback

Share instant questionnaire to get feedback from the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

AlphaPIX, a complete studio management suite for photographers to manage their customer, events also allows to share pictures with the customer for proofing, provides more control on the business with data analytics. Overall, it is a one-stop solution for a photography business.

Well, we have thought about it and figured out a solution to the problem. All pictures that you upload will be optimized to lesser file sizes in viewable resolutions; however, does not impact the original files. This will ease the upload process and definitely save a lot of data for the customer in their handhelds.

Definitely. You have a step-by-step self-educating tutorial that you can refer anytime. Also, we provide technical assistance to all queries sent to

Your customers can use their Mobile (Separate Mobile Application), Tab or web browser to view, select and proof the pictures that you upload for them.

All the pictures that you upload, will go into our cloud and we will maintain for 3 months. Picture older than 3 months will go for archival. On request, the pictures can be removed permanently also.

Each photographer receives separate login credentials which are assigned only to their photography studio. Even customers can view the picture only if they have a valid username and password provided from you.

We understand that each customer is unique so as the quotation. AlphaPIX allows you to customize the quotation for each customer by adding or removing services and respective charges for each service you provide.

Yes, we develop custom features on request, as we believe each photographer will have any particular automation or overheads that need to be fulfilled.

AlphaPIX allows the photographer to added watermarks on the pictures they share with their customer.

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